About Us

When a local group of investors decided to open Seabreeze Taphouse, they looked to locals for inspiration. “We love rock, country, top 10 and not wanting to leave anyone out; they decided to have it all. Seabreeze Taphouse, a fun place to go to try out some craft beers, have a great meal, and meet new people or hang with friends.

The Seabreeze Taphouse investors are well known in the bar industry throughout the US. They enjoy bringing new hotspots to young and vibrant locations such as Daytona Beach.” We had been looking for a great location to open Seabreeze Taphouse and honestly, we couldn’t have picked a better one.”

Craft Beers

Craft Beers at Seabreeze Taphouse come in many flavors, but one thing remains constant; they all pack a punch! Most Craft Beers range from 5-10% abv (alcohol by volume), some Craft Beers can reach 20%, 30%, and even 40% abv! Drinking craft beer with your friends at Seabreeze Taphouse is great conversation. Try it out! Make it a point that everyone has to try a new craft beer at Seabreeze Taphouse. Have everyone talk about their beer and make sure you sample seasonal Craft Beers Seabreeze Taphouse offers. Interesting discussions have come up at Seabreeze Taphouse about smells, tastes, likes, etc. lt's amazing and a lot of fun! This could become a weekly event at Seabreeze Taphouse in Daytona Beach while watching your favorite teams play!


Dine at Seabreeze Taphouse Where the portions are large, the food is good and you cannot leave hungry. The menu at Seabreeze Taphouse boast a vast array of selections, with something to please everyone ín your group. The Seabreeze Taphouse employs a professional staff of friendly people, who will ensure your visit is a pleasant one. Everybody looks forward to seeing you, so please stop in soon! And don’t forget to ask about the daily specials at Seabreeze Taphouse.